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Reflect Fest - Cyprus 2022

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The fifth Reflect Festival, the flagship tech event in Cyprus, will be back in Limassol on October 19-21. After last year's successful expansion throughout the city, the organizers will now continue with enhancing the expo experience. The attendees can also look forward to curated stages with the topics shaking up the world, as well as a rich networking program.

"Thanks to unwavering support from our partners and Reflect doers, as we like to call our attendees, we will be back in Limassol with priceless three days of learning, networking and brainstorming," says Stylianos Lambrou, the festival's co-founder. 

A packed program throughout the town


Reflect will offer three stages around Limassol this time, containing over 80 intriguing talks. Three main topic areas will be discussed, with stages named Building the Future, Money & Web3, and You 2.0.

As always, Reflect's main stage - Building the Future, will bring curated stories that resonated throughout the entire year and shaped our world. Be it economy, technology, education, entrepreneurship, impact, social media, and our future, this is where some of the most fascinating insights will be presented.

The second stage reflects the country's focus on becoming a hub for cutting-edge fintech companies and exciting internet startups. The attendees will embark on a journey into their fast-paced world and discuss fintech, blockchain, crypto, gaming, the new internet, metaverse, and much more.

As for the stage aptly named You 2.0, the audience will get a chance to look at their health and wellbeing. "There's more to life than business, and our minds, souls, and bodies need proper understanding and care. We'll go inwards together, talking about self-development, mental & physical health, happiness, health tech, medicine, and work-life balance," says Kristina Priecelova, Head of Program & Content. 

New expo and extensive networking


The exhibition area will significantly grow and transform into several thematic "villages", with a particular focus on the hottest tech topics. The interactive and informative expo will not only highlight innovative startups, organizations, and solution providers but also allow for even more valuable conversations between everyone present. "We want to give the companies more opportunities to shine, especially in cutting-edge topics such as fintech, blockchain, and Web3," explains Dusan Duffek, co-founder of Reflect Festival.

Besides the learning and business aspects of Reflect, there's one more piece of the puzzle that creates memorable moments: the networking parties. Last year Reflect delivered on its promise to take networking to the next level, and this time won't be an exception. "We believe that quality networking in a casual setting is just as important as all other aspects of Reflect. We'll meet every day on rooftops, boats, and helipads, and we can't wait to see our regulars catching up and seeing new faces," says Lambrou.

Kwstas Antoniadis, Journalist

Last modified on Thursday, 29 September 2022 12:13

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